Our main concerned in our services is as our patrons you can catch hold the visitors and so that they become your end users. And so by identifying their hub you can build up the strategies accordingly.

1 The Exploration Phase

Having a sit-together and discussing the client’s business requirements, work flow, marketing information and other similar areas, we always try to identify their priority base. By doing so we try & explore your marketing needs and projection of your business according to which we can scrutinize your requirements.

2 Developing the Plan

By understanding your business requirements we try to evolve the mould plan for your business structure according to which we create and present our ideas perfectly suitable to you. After discussing your wants we wait for your justification and response to enhance our project plan.

3 Design Phase

Customer service can mean different things to different people. At Neal InfoTech, it means everything. From the design phase to fulfilment of the progressive results to the clients doorsteps, their brand or product requirements and beyond, Neal InfoTech is with you every step of the way. Our experienced and extensively trained team of specialists and processors can simplify your task by

Whether your project is large or small, new or retrofit, custom or standard – you can absolutely depend on Neal InfoTech steadfast commitment to customer service excellence.

  • Helping to determine which products best fit your application(s)
  • Providing samples, details and drawings for custom designs
  • Consulting and coordinating requirements
  • Assisting to match the specifications to the individual project
  • Preparing budget proposals and project specific pricing
  • Supplying clear and concise submittal drawings
  • Offering direct support during induction of the process development
  • Immediately addressing any preservation or other issues

4 Technical Development Phase

When designing part is completed we develop the technologies taking beside your requisite goodwill. Fruitful and benchmark functionality of our projects are always ready to serve you the best.

5 Go Live

After the quality assurance it’s our duty that you take a glance tour that how you are able to manage and maintain the efficiency with our services. When the client is satisfied with our work and have a grip on it we officially keep the contents of the services outsourcing to the world.

6 Update and Maintenance

Updated data and maintenance in this field are prerequisite forms. So whenever you need we are there to help you at your doorstep without any confusion. If you need to improve, start a new take or to maintain it we will always come up for the fulfilment with the synchronisation of data and management of the services.