Open Source technologies

Provide a dynamic pull based automated transaction system via latest open source technologies.

Open source technology is defined as the production and development philosophy of allowing end users and developers to not only see the source code of the software, but modify it as well. Although software is not the only product governed by open source licenses, it is the most popular, lending itself well to manipulation of its code and add-ons. Open source provides a transparent platform upon which anyone with the skills to do so can add to the development and production of the software either for release as a new incarnation of the software for others to use or for strictly in-house development only.

Open source Web development tools have come a long way. The open source community offers a huge array of applications that are useful to Web developers and designers. In many cases, these open source tools are even more widely used than their closed source counterparts. And most open source Web tools don't even have any real closed source competitors.

We use :

  • Custom PHP Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Joomla Development
  • Drupal Development
  • Magento Development
  • Prestashop Development
  • CMS Development