Engagement Models

Business friendly solutions by constructing and building technological development in our services.

As all human beings are different and so are their choices. In accordance with your likings and desires we design and develop the strategic plans as well as projects which result with your total satisfaction. And so we have designed different methods to suit your needs from which you can choose according to your requirements.

Pay as you use (Hourly Cost Model)

In this process we supply the services on the basis of your accumulation hours. It’s always needful to tell the client that when he’s paying he is assured to choose and use the resources. And above all when the clientele requests attention he’s always paid attention to. Especially when extent of your propel is not clear at the beginning and you still yearn for work start up, in this model you can adhere sufficient elasticity of resources, benefiting you as and when require. The price is charged on hourly basis depending on the type of the pre-determined resource you use via us. Daily and weekly tasks are reported and reviewed by you.

Fixed Price Model

Surety of a price tag is given to you with start and end dates for the completion of the project. Certainly clear vision of project is given to you and after the agreement of all parties involved, the venture is undertaken. This model is suitable to companies/ individuals having clear vision of the project opportunity and the deadline.

Project Manager, Account Manager, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Quality Analyst, Support Desk Members are all here at Neal InfoTech to assure & ensure you quality work at your doorstep. Assertion of your IP rights is given to you with NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with the source code remaining with you as part of a pre-arranged agreement. Satisfactorily dedicated team is always available to attend to you for communication and simplicity as per the requirements of your plan.